Introducing: Cormac Todd

London-based artist Cormac Todd combines true authenticity with his engaging personality in his music. With backing from labels and representatives, Cormac is set to take the music world by storm with his next release.

Hailing from Dublin and having a background in amateur musical theatre productions and local choirs, Cormac found his footing in the music industry after being mentored by the likes of Pete Smith (The Police, Duran Duran) and Phil Nelson (artist manager of The Levellers), who conditioned Cormac into a creative and business-savvy musician. As a person who believes that expression is key when it comes to songwriting, Cormac stands by the idea that music is a form of escapism into new environments, and he wants to project his electro-pop sanctuary to the world.

Cormac’s empathetic and expressive songwriting, inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Taylor Swift, focuses on how to take the listener through a storytelling journey through songwriting. He sees his craft as a visceral moment that he simply has to share with his audience. Polishing and perfecting a sound comes in the studio, but the core emotion and feeling comes from Cormac's unpredictable moments of inspiration that spring to mind.

Check out Cormac Todd's latest single, 'Lifeboat', on Spotify:

Follow Cormac Todd on:

Instagram: @cormactoddmusic

Twitter: @cormactoddmusic

TikTok: @cormac_todd

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