Introducing: Esme Bridie

Updated: Feb 3

Esme is an inspiringly talented musician who has dedicated herself to music and performing. Through her lively performances and impeccable studio recordings, she has honed her technical capabilities and sound to form one unstoppable force in the music world.

Growing up in Liverpool, Esme had a prominent musical upbringing, and started making music as a teen, combining her guitar skills with her passion for songwriting. With inspirations coming from folk legends Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, Esme fuses these classic foundations with more contemporary influences such as Phoebe Bridges, and expresses elements of them all in her quirky, uplifting and creative sound.

Esme's tracks centre around the release of emotions, with topics tackling womanhood, feminism, and resilience in a demanding and often hostile environment, where the hard-fought journey of finding herself comes through perfectly in Esme's lyrics. With backing from her band, these songs create an immense atmosphere when played live, and uplifts the audience with her pleasantly personal style.

As she shares her music with audiences, you can sense a raw emotional connection to these personal situations, resulting in an empathetically emotive release.

Check out Esme Bridie's latest single, 'Tower of Regret', on Spotify:

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